Luviena Lodh allegations on Mahesh Bhatt

Filmmaker-brothers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt on Friday termed all the allegations levelled against them byactor Luvienna Lodh as “incorrect and baseless” and said they are hopeful that truth will prevail. Last week, Lodh made a series of allegations against Mahesh Bhatt, claiming that she is the wife one Sumit Sabharwal, who is allegedly his nephew.

In a video, posted on Instagram, Lodh alleged that Sabharwal used to procure drugs and supply it to Bhatt. She claimed that both Bhatt and Sabharwal were also involved in flesh trade. In response, Bhatt sent a legal notice to Lodh through his counsel Ameet Naik, asking her to stop making such false statements.

On Friday, the brothers issued a statement, saying that as public figures, their lives are a subject matter of “curiosity, interest, scrutiny and gossip”, which is often “intense, irresponsible or even unfair”. “We have however recently been at the receiving end of a vicious and malicious campaign launched by Luviena Lodh who falsely claims, her husband to be our nephew,” they said.

They added that Lodh has been engaged in a matrimonial dispute with her husband Sabherwal, who is an employee of their company Vishesh Films, since 2016. “She has also been served recently with proceedings for evicting her from a residential flat which she is occupying.

“She has therefore, as a litigation strategy, decided to personally target us and members of our family, by levelling scurrilous and grossly defamatory allegations, against us, in the hope that this will result in the eviction proceedings not being pursued,” the statement said. The brothers said they filed a defamation suit before the Bombay High Court, which has restrained Lodh from making defamatory statements against them.

“In complete disregard thereto, Lodh has continued to peddle lies and falsehood to besmirch our reputation and malign our character. “In her desperation to escape the eviction proceedings she held a press conference, where she reiterated her falsehood and even misrepresented the court order,” the statement said. They further said that they are taking legal advice on the further course of action and have expressed their faith in judicial system.

“In the meanwhile, we are making this statement to place on record that all allegations made by Lodh against us are false, incorrect and baseless. We are confident about our case and have complete faith that our stand will be judicially vindicated. “We are confident that truth will prevail and unlike her, we do not need to take recourse to publicity stunts or malicious mud-slinging,” the statement concluded.

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