1. Prachetas

    Apple iPhone 11 Production Raised by Around 10 Percent

    Apple has asked suppliers to increase production of its iPhone 11 models by up to 8 million units, or about 10 percent, Nikkei Asian Review reported on Friday, citing better than expected demand. "Previously, Apple was quite conservative about placing orders", which were less than for last...
  2. console

    Apple The 10 Biggest iPhone Hacks Ever

    Over the last decade, the iPhone has become more than just a phone. It's borderline celebrity. The device has been at the center of political furores, celebrity scandal and dangerous consumer obsession. Thanks to its almost gravitational power, it's also caught the attention of hackers of every...
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    Apple Apple is setting up an iPhone production facility in Bengaluru, plans to start assembly of phones by

    Apple’s commitment to the Indian market has only been reaffirmed by reports that a Taiwanese OEM maker for Apple is setting up shop in Bengaluru. Speaking to The Times of India, various officials have reportedly stated that they’re “seriously” considering Bengaluru as a manufacturing hub for...
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    Review @IndiaToday 10 smartphones that absolutely, totally won 2016

    Every year here at India Today Tech we get tens of phones. Some of them are good, some not so much and some are outright bad. Most of them, however, tend to fall somewhere in the middle. It is mostly the bell curve, as the HR professionals call it. There are very few phones that are exceptional...
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    Apple Three Most Horrible Things about Apple iOS 10.2 you must know before upgrading

    It is only three months Apple to dispatch iOS 10, but the new iOS 10.2 is already standing on its fifth update. In addition, Apple already has started testing iOS 10.2.1 in the Beta Version. If you are wondering why then let me clear you that – Apple iOS 10.2 has some nastiest and malfunctioned...