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15 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites in 2021​

There is a myriad of options accessible on the Internet in the realm of downloading torrents. The process of finding the most suitable torrent websites could take an entire day. When the authorities were able to take

Down or download Kickass torrents A new term was created in the world of torrent industry: torrent search engine.

It operates the same way like Google performs (theoretically). It doesn't store any information, but it searches for it.

Torrents on other sites hosting these torrents in response to your query. This reduces the number of torrents available.

Of your most-loved torrent websites to a handful of search engine websites.

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2021​

Our team of editors conducted a manual test of more than three dozen websites for torrent search engines and

We found the top 15.


Search EngineBest Known For

The Pirate Bay Big Boss of Torrents​

RARBG Most Diverse Torrent Repository​

Snowfl Fast; Simple to use. Custom filtering is included.​

Torrents.Me Parallel Search in 600+ Torrent Websites​

XTORX Simple UI; fast and precise; No ads.​

Toorgle Torrent Search in over 450websites for torrents simultaneously.​

AIO Search Google of Torrent Stuff​

Zooqle Movies Search is only available for​

Veoble powered through Google custom search. Tons of filtering options; All significant sources are covered.​

Academic Researchers Only for Researchers​

TorrentSeeker Simple UI, Customized results for searching; A wide range of.​

1337x One of the most significant engines for games, films, television series, and other TV content.​

ExtraTorrent Largest Torrent Community​

YTS.AG Movies Exclusive​

BTDB Simple and efficient Simple and effective; Clean design; Speedy search.​

TorrentHounds Most durable Torrent Community​

Lime Torrents Redesigned and Improved Features​


Pirate Bay Pirate Bay is the Big Boss of the torrent market. At present, it is known as the largest.

The most durable one. Most resilient. Pirate Bay was developed in 2003. The founders of the Pirate Bay are confronted with the case of copyright infringement and other allegations of copyright infringement, among additional charges, on the other hand, in Swedish Swedish courts. It is one of the

the best alternatives are KAT Torrents.

In the past, this site was featured X-rated advertisements to earn money. Now, it's not,

However. You can use an ad blocker to browse this site without being concerned about the

inexpensive promotions.



RARBG is one of the most-visited torrent sites ever. With millions of users per day.

Month-long, this site offers torrents for software, music, movies, and many more.

The website is straightforward to navigate and simple to use. One thing is rather ugly.

About this website on this site: new-tab advertisements that pop after every click.

You can also eliminate them using ads blockers. Seeds are generally helpful on this website.

Because of their age as well as their reputation. However, they must employ a different strategy to earn

revenues instead of irritating ads that could make them go without traffic. This is in addition to

It is recommended to use a VPN to stay out of the reach of ISPs



In the beginning, this engine might appear to be a tool for experienced users due to the

ability to filter results using various features. Although it does come with an unusual

name, Snowfl is an effortless search engine for torrents.

There are no distractions on this site, aside from the occasional advertisements. The home page is a great place to start.

A prominent search box on the top and the results list throughout the interface.

The website is simple in its design and could be extremely useful in searching torrents after you have

Get familiar with becoming used to. We would appreciate your comments on the site. Make sure to use the

Security essentials, no matter how clean it looks.



ExtraTorrent is among the most popular and well-loved torrent sites on the Internet.

Internet. This site allows you to search and download free films, music, software, and other files, games, wallpapers, TV shows, games, and many more. You can download premium.

Courses from Lynda Udemy and many more websites offering e-learning, you can download free lessons here.

The website is also an excellent source for information about torrents and related news. ExtraTorrent is

More like a community for torrents that allows you to sign up and have fun with

Other users leave comments on torrents and ask for other torrents that aren't listed on this site.



YTS.AG is a fantastic site for those who love torrents. It's a type of torrent-search engine.

Films. The interface for users of this site is straightforward to use. It's exactly like

You're surfing and searching Hulu or Netflix in your browser. You can download

TV and films in various resolutions, including 1080p and 720p resolutions and numerous

formats like DVD Rip and Blu-Ray. Be assured that you will always receive what you need.

Clicked on.

The ads aren't that bothersome on this site and can be blocked by making use of an

Ad-blocker extensions for your browser. YTS.AG can also allow you to access subtitles for

the films. If you can't download the movies, you can download them via the YIFY website. They also have their

A sister website.



Lime Torrents, with its new user interface that is colored in lime, promises to permit you to download

The verified torrents. The layout is simple yet stunning. The front page is like the way you would feel if you.

You are on a search engine for vegetables and fruits. (removed words that are not essential).

Inside is an immense database of movies and music, books, and software.

More to download via BitTorrent.

This site allows you to find your most popular torrents through the

search on their homepage or to browse through categories on their website. The website's inner

The interface of this website isn't as appealing as the homepage. However, it does help to a great extent

to get the correct item at the right time. The most popular choice of users for uTorrent movies



Toorgle is using the Application Programming Interfaces of Google - the giant of search ---

To search for torrents on more than 450 websites. The index includes the

majority of websites from the other search engines. Toorgle is also an excellent choice for speed.

And stability as it retrieves its and peace because it gets its data and strength because it gets its data from Google and power. After all, it pulls its data directly from Google. It also gives you the capability

to include its toolbar into the Firefox browser, or Facebook

This is not recommended due to security concerns. Never join your

Social media accounts are linked to such websites. Google employs advertisements to generate

revenues, and it is recommended that you always disable your ad-blockers. To prevent identity theft, you should not

Do not forget to utilize VPNs too.



XtorX is like several other torrent-related search engines mentioned here. The site has

There is nothing related to hosting torrents; instead, it is easier to browse other torrent

websites under one umbrella. XtorX is an easy-to-use and straightforward torrent finder site that

produces results by utilizing Google through Google's Custom Search feature.

Results are produced quickly in line with the inquiry. After clicking the link, you will be able to access the results.

You will be directed to the following site, where the torrent will be located. Unfortunately, you can't filter.

You can track the results you get on this site. Most of the time, you'll be redirected to a different

Website. This is a further disadvantage of this site. There aren't any ads on this website, which means you won't see any ads.

Be extremely careful of your security.


AIO Search​

AIO Search is the most frequented torrent searcher by the crowds. It lets you search for torrents

it allows you to search for a specific torrent on several websites by using the search feature provided by users

search (similar to Google) and display the results to the Search Engine Results page. This

Search is available on 50+ websites which include RARBG, ISO Hunt, KickAss, The Pirate Bay,

and reverse.

AIO Search has Chrome and Firefox extensions that can make your life easier.

You can search for it if you're a frequent user of torrent. The website also offers a Facebook application that you can

Well, it isn't recommended to be used. Use a VPN and an ad blocker

before visiting any torrent site via AIO Search



Torrent Seeker is an excellent and straightforward torrent engine. The homepage was designed using.

Material is a material that gives it elegance and simplicity. It makes use of its Google Custom Search feature

to browse the top 100 torrent sites, including Lime Torrents, RARBG, and

Toorgle, another giant torrent.

The outstanding feature of Torrent Seeker is the fact that its developers are constantly updating the software.

Index. The index contains the smaller site that is not a niche or has a specific language that provides you with a

greater variety of search results. The website does not use any type of

advertisement--something that reminds me of the quote, "nothing is free on the

Internet," so you may want to try ad blockers as well as VPN software.



Monova was among the most popular websites for torrents. It is now updated with a modern style

and hundreds of and hundreds of annoying pop-up ads. And a plethora of annoying pop-up ads. To go to. I tried searching for it,

But the results don't show the same pages, even though it was the title of a page that was very

The famous film was made in 2002.

People may like this site because of the super-fast updates that are delivered every minute.

Is available on the site. It is also possible to sign up to gain access to the exclusive user experience.

Website. Monova will request that you turn off your adblocker, but don't when you are on the Monova.

You want to ensure that you don't infect the device you are using with malicious software. Be sure to utilize VPN security to ensure your privacy.



This is among the most heavily criticized websites in law enforcement organizations all over the world.

All over the world, yet it's resilient enough to endure for more than 10 years. Since it's

since its inception, it has provided its customers with no-cost movies, music, software, books, and more.

More to download.

Recently, because of the increase in cases and raids across the globe for similar

Websites and communities, TorrentHounds is shifting itself into binary channels, and it's

more secure and less susceptible to law-governing authorities. The notice of switching into the Binary channel is available. The binary channel is posted at the top of the site, as well as a guide to set it up to be

Continue to use the website.


This isn't the place for downloading music, movies, games, or even p0rn. This is strictly a site for downloading.

An academic website that allows you to download research papers and notes, datasets, lectures, etc. It is

A joint initiative by two universities: the University of Michigan and the University of Texas and other universities, to

create a distributed system that permits students to share their academic documents via the Internet. It's

Numerous commercial sponsors support the site. AcademicTorrents is regarded as a pioneer

among the torrent search engines for academics.

If you're a researcher and would like to share or access massive data sets on the Internet,

Try this site. You should visit this website immediately. We are working on getting more details about this.

Website and will be sharing it shortly. If you are a fan of this website, then go ahead and donate to the

Researchers on the site



People is a comprehensive search engine that permits users to search for standard terms but

inquiries for torrents. The website offers three tabs on its navigation bar at the top, beginning within which you can choose Home for average searches and Images for image searches.

Viable indexes more than dozen torrent websites.

You can filter the results by applying language filters. Veoble makes use of Custom Google

Search results to produce the results. The revenue of this website is generated through advertisements on the

Search result page made that is created using Google AdSense, which works well. However, it's recommended to make use of

security basics. It is also possible to create this site as your home page.



Zooqle is the Google of torrenting websites for movies. There are hundreds of movies on Zooqle, including every single one of them.

They are gathered of them gathered from The Movie Database (TMDB). There are also TV shows.

Download! Everything is beautifully organized. They test each torrent before they upload it.

Is available for download by other users.

Movies can be downloaded in 1080p, 720p, and 720p resolutions as well as in 3D. The torrent is very.

Simple. It is essential to stay clear of using the Direct Download button since it's a clickbait/booby.

The trap. The ads on this site are easily avoided with extension extensions for ad blockers. It also

It is recommended to utilize recommended to use a VPN also. Zooqle is the most popular choice for the uTorrent movie search engine.




Torrents. It is among the most elegantly designed engine for torrents. I would love to have it.

It should be at the highest of the to be at the top of the list. Some of the best designers created this site. It

Let you know the most popular topics and torrents that are trending on the Internet.

This site also has an integrated system for ranking it across different categories, including films,

software, games, books, and software. Like many other sites, you can search for and

Download torrents for download available here, of all types. The search function is not it's own. It is the source of the

Search results resulted from Zooqle, TorrentSeeker, and Torrentz2 search results from Zooqle, TorrentSeeker, and Torrentz2. All are excellent search engines.


BitTorrent Database​

BTDB is a safe and efficient search site for torrents. Searching for more than one billion torrents, it is believed to be the biggest torrent search engine. It's not just the result page.

They will provide links to the torrent, but also the magnet link is also available. We suggest this site if

You want something simple.

There are no techniques or advanced features. When you type in the search box.

Bar and BTDB will give a wide range of results. If you take a close look, and you'll see

A few options that will assist you in getting the task done quickly. It is also possible to sort your

results filtered by relevancy, size, files, time, and popularity.



Citysearch is primarily a search engine for movie torrents that utilize the Google API to create relevant

outcomes. The website's UI is adequate; however, we would recommend that using a reputable VPN and

Ad-blocker to prevent identity theft.


Katcr. co​

Katcr. Co is a fantastic copy from The KickAss Torrents website, packed with stunning.

Features and features and a. It's not operated by the same group of people who run the authorities slapped it in the past few years. You can search for your most-loved

torrents, or browse through the categories.



After being unable to endure another attack from police agencies worldwide, ISO Hunt is shifting itself towards the world ISO Hunt is moving to. It is evident

Banner and details to Install banner and install the Binary client at the top of their site.

To accomplish this, they're using Usenet as an excellent service to find and

Downloading digital media, which gives speed and reliability that you won't find in other

file-sharing and sharing services.


Torrentz2 - Taken Down​

This search engine from the torrent mimics the look of the site before it, a website that

was removed by the authorities because of violations of copyright

infringement. The interface is the same, allowing users to search for more than 6 million

torrents from more than torrent sites. The Torrentz2 website combines the results of many

Other torrent finders provide you with what you're searching for. There are no ads.

On the website, however, it is recommended to use the ad blocker and other security features to

Beware of any mishaps that may occur.


PopcornTime can be described as the Netflix of torrent fans and the top among movie torrent search engines.

Engines. This isn't a torrent site instead, but an application to Windows, Mac,

Android as well as iOS. This lets you browse and stream films directly from torrents.

It's like streaming the movie via torrents, and it is transferred to your computer.


Do you think it's complicated? No! This is the best method of watching your favorite films.

This program automatically searches for the top torrents available with the highest quality in 720P, 1080P, and 3D,

It then displays the number of seeds. You can select the format you would like to

Watch. This is the most effective uTorrent movies search engine.


Torrent Search Engines - FAQs​

Q: How can I start the search engine for torrents?​

It's as simple as opening websites in any other browser.

Q What do I need to know about how to locate torrent sites?​

These websites that we have listed are genuine ones. There is no need to spend additional time searching for them.

Q How do I obtain a torrent link?​

A: You only need to look up your desired content on the websites listed and then click the download link from there.

How To Download Torrents?​

There are a variety of torrent downloaders or torrent clients accessible on the Internet. We have recently reviewed these in our list.


Security Concerns About Torrent Search Engines​

There are numerous concerns regarding the use of torrents for downloading films. Unfortunately,

Most of the time, it's the truth. Downloads from torrents are generally considered to be dangerous because of the

malware-related risks. There are a few websites that utilize BitTorrent and have the potential for malware.

Nature is clean and fresh. Pirate Bay alternatives that came after the closure was primarily full of junk.

With phishing scams and malware. They have infected millions around the world.

There are indeed legal concerns about torrenting and the use of these.

Search engine websites could land you in hot water based on the place you're located. There's been

an escalating problem of censorship for torrents since the demise of The Pirate Bay. You can

You can remain anonymous with a secure VPN connection and thereby avoiding any

legal issues that could occur.

Malware Hidden in Torrent Files​

There were trojans and malware hidden in those sites included Rootkits and Remote Access tools.

Also. It also locks up your device and then asks that you pay the ransom

to access the crucial to unlocking the critical files to unlock the essential files. Non-crypto malware in nature may also be able

to cause severe damage and make use of remote access tools to gain access to your system and

Make it a step-stone to cybercrime.

These crimes involve attacks on government computers as well as Domain Name Systems.

(DNS) Servers can be extremely dangerous at higher levels. This is highly alarming for those.

Unaware of the dangers of torrent downloads.

There are countless instances of hackers accessing several victims' computers

to carry out attacks against government agencies to carry out attacks on the government. Not aware of this, the vast majority of people

They discovered their computer used for these kinds of attacks.

Another issue that is a major one with torrenting is the alteration of files. No one is involved in

The control over the files since the file is moved through various users. Anyone can

modify it, and then alter it, and. This usually happens when it comes to software applications.

And operating and operating. Movies are generally safe to view. Because

People just enjoy watching movies. The malware is easily detected.

It is possible to observe the disease as immediate effects as well as long-term ones.

The immediate consequence of these events is the slower performance of your system. On

Longer-term, this could cause you to be held for crimes you didn't even do. So

Always be on guard. The host computer is the target of malware. Is the way malware works. Therefore, when malware is

When using any torrent service, it's vital to ensure your security. It is possible to do this.

These are the ways to do it:

Ad-Blockers and VPNs Can Save You​

These are browser extensions that stop links and servers that serve

these ads. Some of these extensions and add-ons come with the capability to display

block trackers, such as those from social media sites such as Facebook.

The majority of these apps are free, which means you can download them from Extensions or

The marketplace for add-ons is a part of the browser you're using. However, it is essential to review the reviews.

These are because an adblocker can access every site that you visit. It could be

It is possible that they do not collect your information and vice versa.

VPNs can perform many things in protecting your identity to prevent you from being arrested

by web service providers or police agencies. You can ensure your security

Utilizing the by making use of these. When selecting the VPN software, ensure you've read the following

concerning the software in question.

Specific VPNs may also offer your data to companies that advertise, at times on

The black market is also. It is therefore essential to select the VPN program that is excellent

credibility in the marketplace and no evidence of fraud involving data reported in the specific

Software. Make sure you use these when browsing websites for torrents.

What are Seeders, Peers, and Leechers?​

  • SEEDERS: These have downloaded the file previously or are the initial
  • uploader's parent or uploader or uploader who downloads torrent seed files to other uploaders. After downloading the file
  • If you have successfully downloaded the torrent, it alters your status of download by transferring your files successfully. The status changes to "Seeding," which you
  • The system can also be turned off. It's not an ideal idea to seed when you're experiencing low or slow Internet
  • Connection.
  • PEERSThese includes those who are both downloading and uploading simultaneously. Peers
  • They do not contain the entire file; they only have portions of the files. Seeding can be
  • This is not possible during downloads.
  • LEECHERS: Lowest in the position; these don't contain all the parts of the file.
  • We are unable to share the necessary portion in the document.

Final Words​

We ask you to be extremely cautious when downloading torrents using these torrents.

Search engines, primarily in nations where the law is extremely harsh to those who break the law. As an

An additional layer of security for your security, to protect yourself, use VPNs to protect yourself. to avoid being snatched by authorities.

The last thing you'd prefer is not to be allowed to torrent.