News 3G & 4G Finally In Pakistan


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I don't think its costly as compared to the PKR value with INR.

What say Mazi bro ?
I think these rates are not full entertaining the needed of customers as it has no Unlimited package.

These rates are initial ones.

In coming days when other operators will also start 3G on commercial basis, then competition will rise and prices will be decreased.


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Here 1Gb data rates are different with different speed levels.
U can derive the results by converting both countries currencies 1 INR = 1.7 PKR
@256 kbps/s 1 Gb data = 200 Pkr
@512 kbps/s 1 Gb data = 400 Pkr
@1mbps/s 1Gb data = 550 Pkr
@3mbps/s 1 Gb data = 725


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Here 256 kbps is not called as 3G

Minimum speed should be 512 kbps for 3G. And TRAI is proposing to further change it to 1 mbps


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Other operators will start their commercials service soon.

Then the whole scenario will be clear