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The Brand:

What is on offer for cable TV operators

Unveiling the business model for the HITS service, Two types of models: White Label and Full Service—to the multi-system operators (MSOs) and last-mile operators (LMOs).

In the White Label model, the MSOs/LMOs in digital addressable system (DAS) areas will do the content deals on their own. They will enter into a tripartite agreement with the broadcaster and NXT Digital. The LMO/MSO will pay subscription fee directly to the broadcaster.


The Full Service model is for MSOs/LMOs who do not have a DAS licence. For these operators, NXT Digital will enter into tripartite contracts with the broadcasters and pay subscription fee to the broadcasters.

In both models, the operators will have to invest in the set-top boxes (STBs) and digital headend, which is available in three tiers, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. They will be able to offer 300+ services in Bronze, 400+ services in Silver, and 500+ services in Gold.




How does HITS work?

Source and More Info at: How Hinduja Group’s HITS service NXT Digital plans to tap cable ops | TelevisionPost.com


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Thanks for the complete details and share Anish Pai :thumbsup:

This seems to be a combination of Satellites and Cable services.

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Hathway will use this to overcome disparity in number of channels ...
HITS will reduce cost of setting up of local headend facility across country.


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Bhai mere Hathway is a MSO and is a competitor to NXT Digital so plz don't combine these two.

HITS platforms are for individual cable operators who can tie up with HITS platform and get signals of all channels via a single satellite of the HITS platform and then distribute it to their customers.

So basically they don't need to spend on setting up a headend or get signals from any MSO's headend thru wires.

Hathway, DEN, Siti Cable, Incable etc. r competitors of HITS

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Guys this is 100% digital cable tv services......

For MSO/LCO its a DTH service but for customers its a Digital Cable Tv Service

Its like a national MSO, where all LCO interested can tie up and the channel list and LCN no for entire nation will be same everywhere.

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It will be using 3 satellites
Mostly it will be C Band and it will use large number of transponders

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NXT Digital Website launched: nxtbox2



The website is still under upgradation, and not much info about the product and services are provided. In the coming days the website will be fully and completely functional.