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Breaking News Allow consumers to select, modify channels on TRAI app: regulator to cable, DTH firms


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Mumbai: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked cable and satellite TV providers to allow consumers to access and modify their subscription plans via TRAI app. In the latest amendment to the quality of service and consumer protection regulations, the sector regulator on Wednesday mandated distribution platform operators (DPOs) to share their application programme interfaces (APIs) with it.

This will help TRAI to allow consumers of both cable and DTH companies to not just access channels or bouquets but also select or delete channels of their choice and view subscription details on the regulator’s app or portal. TRAI said it is in the process of finalising API specifications, which will be communicated to DPOs.



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Why They Are Hesitating To Allow?
There is a lock in period for channel add and drop I guess


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No,other dth not having any lock in period of channels


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Dishtv having lock in period.


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Dishtv having lock in period.
D2h has lock in period
Tatasky is allowing to add and remove channels in a day itself..even those channels were added and removed prior to 12 AM will not be charged ...all active channels additions and removals r updating @12 AM