Amazon India dethrones Flipkart


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Barely three years after launching in India, Amazon (Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd) likely exceeded Flipkart in terms of gross sales in July.

Flipkart reported gross sales or gross merchandise value (GMV) of less than Rs.2,000 crore in July, while Amazon’s gross sales crept up above Rs.2,000 crore, according to five people familiar with the companies’ numbers. Another local online marketplace Snapdeal (Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd) reported gross sales numbers of roughly Rs.600 crore, a fall of more than 50% from the sales it had been generating until the end of last year, said two other people, familiar with the company’s numbers.

Gross sales refer to the value of goods sold on a site, and not net revenue. (Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are structured as marketplaces because of regulations; their net revenue comprises the commissions they charge their third-party sellers on every transaction and fees for services)

To be sure, the numbers are only for the month of July and the market share battle between Flipkart and Amazon is far from over.

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That was all just drama and nothing else. The place where he said that people had cornered him with questions about why they have lost job or lowered compensation.

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