Amazon India to Expand Its 'I Have Space' Programme


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With success of its 'I Have Space' programme across the country, Amazon has decided to expand it by adding thousands of store owners for delivering its packages, an official spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The programme currently covers 12,500 stores in 180 cities, including 1,000 in Tamil Nadu and 50 in Coimbatore and a significant proportion of Amazon logistics' volume in cities where it it present, company spokesperson Ashwini Samraj told reporters in Coimbatore.

Under this programme, Amazon India partners with local store owners to provide pickup and delivery services to customers across different cities within a two to four km radius of their stores, she said.

"The company has successfully unlocked the potential of such store owners, allowing them to supplement their regular income and generate more footballs in their stores," Ashwini said, adding that it started with 2,500 stores in 2015 and has grown to 12,500 now.

Store partners delivered between 30 to 40 packages a day, earning a fixed amount per delivery and the program is open to all store owners who have the ability to service on foot or a two wheeler, she said.

The larger expansion will happen during Diwali, when sales of Amazon would be really higher in volume, Ashwini said.

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