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News BHIM App Tops Download Charts on Google Play India

Within 48 hours of being launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the app named BHIM was India’s most-popular, registering the maximum downloads of any free Android app in India. BHIM - which stands for Bharat Interface for Money - is named after Dr BR Ambedkar, the PM said on Friday when he announced the new app as the latest big step in moving the country away from cash transactions.

BHIM is currently available only for Android phones. A version for Apple is expected soon. In two weeks, the Prime Minister said, security features will be amped up to allow payments only with the use of a thumbprint - no Internet connection or smartphone is needed to pay or receive money

BHIM App Tops Download Charts on Google Play India: 10 Developments | NDTV Gadgets360.com
Now you guys must have realised why app is behaving abnormal. Too much pressure bhai

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SBI always looks lethargic to me

Aviral Sangal

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Can anyone explain if a person is using upi through bank app or through third party app like phone pe should switch to Bhim?