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Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has compulsorily retired another 15 very senior officers

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has compulsorily retired yet another 15 very senior officers of the rank of Pr. CIT, CIT, JCIT, Addl CIT, ACIT today under Fundamental Rule 56 (J) in public interest, due to corruption and other charges and CBI traps.

Earlier this year, 49 high ranking tax officers including 12 officers from CBDT were compulsorily retired under Fundamental Rule 56(J).



EntMnt Staff
Good move by the Government
Can't remember this happened in the previous government.


EntMnt Staff
All the corrupt officer are removed.

Few journalists must be calling abuse of power.
that's right. someone has to oppose else how will TRP thing will work.

If everyone falls on one side, How will India differentiate itself from China?
UPA of course. As far as I remember they all were shielded and asked to share cut.

So everyone was happy.


EntMnt Staff
PC still have good hand in finance ministry and all his wrong deeds are wiped out by babus and their juniors