China sends mixed martial art experts to Tibet capital to train its military posted at the border


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Recent reports suggest that China has decided to send 20 martial arts trainers to the Tibetan plateau to train the army personnel there. There is no official word on the reason behind such a decision. However, it is believed that they took the decision after the face-off with Indian troops in the Galwan valley. As per the agreement between India and China, neither side can use arms or explosives in the area. At least 20 Indian troops were killed in the clash, while China has not yet confirmed the exact number. Some experts suggest that the number of dead is higher than 40 on the Chinese side. All this casualty along the LAC happened in the fight without using firearms, using stones, sticks and other such weapons.

Honk Kong media reported that official Chinese news outlets informed about sending the new martial arts trainers to the valley. China’s state broadcaster CCTV said that 20 fighters from Enbo Fight Club would be based in the Tibetan capital Lhasa.

Official military newspaper China National Defense News reported that five new militia divisions including former members of a Mount Everest Olympic torch relay team and fighters from the mixed martial arts club arrived at Lhasa on June 15. Tibet commander Wang Haijiang said that the Enbo Fight Club members would “greatly raise the organization and mobilization strength” of the troops and their “rapid response and support ability.” However, Chinese media has not confirmed if they are going to train troops posted at the border with China.

Enbo Fight Club is located in the city of Chengdu, which trains more than 400 young fighters each year in mixed martial arts (MMA). Most of the students are orphans and from poor background.



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