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Color OS 7


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ColorOS 7 can accurately identify usage scenarios through big data analysis. It will dynamically invoke system resources and optimize for key scenarios in advance to ensure your phone runs smoothly at all times.
We have employed a wide range of technologies, including our upgraded memory optimization and management technology, to ensure the system runs smoothly even after your phone has been used for a long time.

Power saving
Our O-AI power-saving technology can increase your phone's battery life by up to 10% for daily use.
In addition, ColorOS learns your sleep patterns to make your phone quickly enter hibernation after you've fallen asleep, reducing power consumption by 35%.

Clone Phone
A fast and efficient way to migrate your data Simply scan a QR code to start migrating your data to a new phone, without the need for a data cable. Your transmission progress and which data has been transmitted will be displayed clearly for easy viewing. In addition, the whole process is encrypted to guarantee the security of your data.



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And which Oppo and Realme phones going to get this update ?


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Looking forward OS 7 update for my Realme pro.?..