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Direct to Home providers Dish TV and D2H plan to increase the price for their platform or value-added service channels starting on Tuesday 1 February 2022. At midnight, the price change will be available to customers on the D2H website and mobile app.
Seventeen services, namely Punjabi Active, Telugu Active, and The Hits Active, Ayushmaan Active, Music Active Kid Active, Evergreen Classics Active, Jyotish Duniya, Cooking Active, Ibadat Active, Dance Active, Bhakti Active, Fitness Active and The Thriller Active, Korean Drama Active Comedy Active and Women's Active get either an Rs four or nine percent more price increase from the current price of Rs 47 per month. The current rate of Rs 51 per month.

The other two channels, Songdew TV and Cine Active will rise by 20%, or Rs 5 starting tomorrow. Both channels are currently priced at a monthly rate of Rs 24, and the new rate is 29 rupees per month. Be aware that Dish TV and D2H run multiple monthly promotions on their Active services. Users who subscribe to those channels receive a discount rate of 1 rupee per month for their first month. The regular cost will follow this.

In addition to the price change, D2H has also added new missed call numbers to activate any active channels. However, the company stated that the old numbers wouldn't be removed from service and would remain in service until further notice, minimizing the inconvenience for users.

Value added Service NameCurrent Missed Call NumbersNew Missed Call Numbers
PUNJABI ACTIVE1800315137518003157375
BHAKTI ACTIVE1800315120318003157361
TELUGU ACTIVE1800315240718003157362
Hits Active1800315033318003157363
RANGMANCH ACTIVE1800315030618003157364
SHORTS TV ACTIVE1800315030718003157366
JYOTISH DUNIYA1800315015718003157367
COOKING ACTIVE1800315095518003157368
IBADAT ACTIVE1800315078618003157369
DANCE ACTIVE1800315016218003157370
FITNESS ACTIVE1800315015818003157371
THRILLER ACTIVE1800315016418003157372
Korean Service1800315014518003157374
Songdew TV1800315045518003157376
MUSIC ACTIVE1800315192418003157377
KIDS ACTIVE1800315191818003157378
ALL VAS PACK1800315111418003157379
DANCE AND MUSIC COMBO1800315111318003157380
ENTERTAINMENT DHAMAKA1800315111118003157381
EVERGREEN CLASSICS ACTIVE1800315037718003157386
Ayushmaan Active1800315015618003157387
COMEDY ACTIVE1800315012818003157388
CINE ACTIVE1800315033118003157389
MOVIES ACTIVE HD1800315034418003157390
MOVIES ACTIVE1800315034518003157391

Active channels are platform services offered by DTH Cable operators solely to their customers. These channels are generally free of ads and operate in conjunction with content providers, distributors, and distributors like Shemaroo and Hungama. Sun Direct is the only operator in India that doesn't have a VAS or platform-based service.