Breaking News Donald J. Trump has been elected the next President of the United States of America


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Trump is only 26 electoral votes away from securing the 270 needed for victory
He is projected to win key battleground states of Ohio, North Carolina and Florida
Clinton is projected to win swing state of Virginia and Northeastern states
Pennsylvania and Michigan are too close to call as race goes down to the wire
Republicans have kept control of both the Senate and House

US election 2016 results: Trump wins key battleground states - BBC News


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It's Republican set to be inaugurated as the new president. No wonder Indian markets has reacted negatively and given thumps down.


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Trump Wons Historical won but unfortunately No woman won till yet bad feeling


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Congratulations, Donald Trump!
You're now the 45th President of the United States of America.
Entertainment Forum India wishes you for this win and also wishes you make the best use of this position towards building better country, creating harmony and treating everybody as equals.


Twitter was on Fire last night and early today, and why would it not. Indian financial ministry denouncing Rs.1000 notes and redistributing Rs.500, a brave move to stop black money circulation and accumulation. But also because of the one of the most notorious US Elections in the History of World Politics.

Days before the elections, the exit polls and the experts hinted a 'landslide' victory to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, the early hours during the election night showed a different side of reality. It showed Donald Trump, the Republican contestant, not only take a lead but with a differential margin of 23 electoral votes. Reactions came in from all the Hillary supporters and promoters, as this seemed unbelievable.

As the voting continued it showed Hillary's side recovering slowly, which could only mean that this would be a cliffhanger election result.

Hillary Clinton won in the states of California, New York, Washington, while Donald Trump emerged victorious in the state of Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina and Ohio among others.

Other candidates running for the presidency Jill Stein and Gary Johnson from Green Party and Libertarian Party respectively, also grabbed some votes.

The uncertainty over the election result lead to drop in Asian stock market earlier. Also speculations on Trump winning the race and the implications it may bring to the immigrants may have also crashed the Canadian Immigration Website.

Celebrities, Social Media users all alike expressed their shocks and concerns over the possible victory, some even wondered if this was even reality.

Candaian Official Twitter Handle had an interesting post before the counting began, and got a lot of Internet love.

News from Hillary Clinton Campaign HQ says that she is not done yet, and thanked all her supporters and everyone for being with her. To this disappointment of a vote for the team of Hillary seems to have come from a gross underestimation of Donald Trump's favorable position. States that were expected to support Hillary saw a large number of votes being pushed in favor of Trump on the election day. More analysis would reveal what happened on the election, and why people voted for Trump.

For now the United States has decided that Donald Trump would be its next President.


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