Android Google Pixel 4 Recorder App Offers Real-Time Transcription Without Requiring Internet Access


EntMnt Ace
Google is offering its new Recorder app on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL that can transcribe recordings using speech recognition and artificial intelligence (AI). The company claims that the Recorder app can transcribe speeches such as lectures, meetings, and interviews in a real time, without requiring an active Internet connection. This makes the app a step ahead against the Voice Memo app offered by Apple that simply records audio notes and provides playback and sharing support. Notably, the new Recorder app is limited to the Pixel 4 phones. It is also likely to remain restricted to the latest hardware since Google may be utilising the built-in Neural Core on the Pixel 4 series to offer on-device transcription support.

"Pixel 4's new Recorder app records meetings, lectures, jam sessions—anything you want to save and listen to later—and simultaneously transcribes speech and identifies sounds like music and applause," writes Brian Rakowski, VP, Product Management at Google, in a blog post.

Google's Recorder App on Pixel 4 Offers Real-Time Transcription Support