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Google Google Pixel users report unexpected software freezing issues


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Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners are facing issues that causes their device to freeze. Also, the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen unexpectedly disappears for some users before coming back after a few seconds. Pixel smartphone users took to Google forum to discuss the problems. “My phone keeps freezing and I can’t get it to do anything when it does. No response from any buttons for at least a minute and it will just start working randomly,” said a user who goes by the name aris wright.

Most users on the forum complained of freezing issues, and said the same was happening multiple times in a day with their Pixel devices. “I had a 128gb black pixel xl. It would freeze every 4-9 hours. Sometimes it would freeze back to back 3 or 4 times in a row after restart,” pointed out another user mikemmva.

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