HELP Help me to choose my first DTH


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But i spent 800 recently :(
So have to stick to it for sometime..
Tata sky and airtel box also lags or not..?? How much time do they take to start..??
It's better to वसूल the invested amount.

I have used Tata Sky DVR and it hangs sometime. There is no lag. Software of Tata and Airtel is NDS and that's the advantage it doesn't lag.
Hello Everyone, :)

I'm planning to buy a DTH for my 32" Full HD TV.

My main requirements is all (SD + HD) and infotainment channels (HD).

After 20+ threads here and checking of DTH providers. Here is my current shortlist.

1. DishTV: SD BASE Pack ALL SPORTS + ALL SPORTS FULL-ON HD = Rs. 545 /pm . This fits nicely with my requirements. But main problem is they change / remove channel frequently (According to dthF users). It's a big issue for me*.

2. Videocon D2H: New Diamond Pack + HD Addon = Rs. 535 /pm or Platinum HD Pack = Rs. 590 /pm. I like the clear and straight package system of VD2H. They offer less HD channels than dish tv. Also hardware and software is not very good (According to reviews here).

3. TataSky: Mega HD Pack = Rs. 7,500 /pA . Ten sports and Ten action is missing in all base packs (Correct me if I'm wrong). Also only 3 HD infotainment available (Less than above DishTV and VD2H).

4. Airtel DTV: Economy Sports Plus + All sports HD + Infotainment HD = Rs. 507 /pm. It's bit difficult to compare ADTV packages. Less infotainment channels than others.

I'm confused which one to choose. I don't have any problem with monthly charge but it's still good to get good value with money. Please suggest me which one will be good also if any other good combination available. :)

*Important Note: I'm from Bangladesh. Local cable service providers doesn't offer HD channels at all. Also maximum 4 sports and 2 infotainment channels. Indian DTH are popular here. I can't use "A la carte" feature here. So please suggest only packs. :)

Thanks. :
tatasky ultra pack yearly pack will be suitable for you, I'll give u the best price, including your favorite sports pack, much cheaper than u even quoted