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Lukup to provide 1 Gbps speed via new wireless broadband product


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Aiming to provide broadband connectivity to rural and urban users, Lukup Technologies has launched a wireless product called Lightup, which it claims can provide up to 1 Gbps speeds to buildings and homes.

The service, the Lukup says, will rival speeds offered by 4G and fibre optic networks.

Lukup Technologies is part of the group that includes Lukup Media, which offers India’s first on-demand and multi-screen TV service.

The company’s products are distributed in India by Lukup Media. Lightup can be mounted on window sills, terraces and parapets, and can be easily used in homes.

It uses light to transmit data, and therefore it is environmentally safe, free and eliminates the threat of radiation or hacking.

It takes less than half an hour to set up a Lightup unit and, therefore, extending broadband inexpensively becomes possible. Its maintenance cost and power consumption is low compared to the high operational costs associated with current data networks, the company says.

Lukup is field-testing the technology and implementing pilots. It aims to deploy the product from the middle of this year. Promoted by Kallol Borah and Harsha Mutt, Lukup Technologies designs, develops and manufactures hybrid set-top boxes (STBs) that deliver television and internet access, and access network products that help build and extend broadband connectivity.

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