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My BBNL review

Like most of the people i was stuck with BSNL for many years and didn't have a proper alternative in my small town called Udupi in Karnataka. I was on their 1445 plan for a few months but as it wasn't affordable for a student like me i had to downgrade the plan to 675UL :cry: I always wanted a fast reliable connection with a decent fup. But the only other choice i had was airtel which wasn't feasible in my area(NOW IT IS).only came to know it a few days back but at the same time i got to know that my LCO was providing internet thru coaxial cable on a local tv channel and the plans looked decent and better than airtel so i was ready for them.
7th July 2015
Got to know that LCO provides internet and it was available in my area. Asked him to get a pamphlet with all the detail as on the local channel they showed only 2 high speed plans of 15 and 25mbps. He shows up within a couple of hours with the pamphlet. He said that it's from BBNL(Bangalorean ISP) and i was happy to know that as i had read some good reviews and was happy to know that they were trying to extend their services to Udupi. He explained that it'd cost 2000 for the installation with modem and i had to pay the first month rental at the same time as it's a prepaid connection. Later that day i called their office for the connection and they said it'd take them 2days.
8th July 2015
I called them again to remind them that i had asked for the connection. The cable operator shows up within an hour to see where my computer is. He again comes with another guy afternoon for wiring. It was done very quickly. He promised that he'd call the engineer tomorrow and my connection would start working from the next day itself.
9th July 2015
As promised 2people arrived at my place with the LCO and i was happy. Then comes the absolutely shocking news that it wasn't Coaxial cable but Fiber :* I was like wohoooo.. i couldn't express how happy i was at that time. At the same time i was not sure why the hell were they advertising it as internet thru coax :rolleyes: Felt happy as well as strange. Anyways it was an FTTH connection that i was getting for cheap. He asked for my id proof,address proof and took a pic of mine thru his device. Then i had to choose the plan
Here are the plans

I chose the 1000 plan and i know some plans on the list are stupid. People in Bangalore have better plans without fup but these aren't bad either. Within a few minutes they completed the installation and Voila! The connection was up and running. They showed the demo and it was 10mbps as advertised.Then i paid the guy 2000+1140(for the plan)
got a Static IP BTW and Heres how the modem looks like

So here's my review after 3days of usage.
The connection is decent and i get the promised speeds all the time. There was no downtimes and even while it was raining heavily the connection was up. I thought it wouldn't work during power cuts but i was wrong again. On torrents i get 1.2MB/sec and youtube loads quickly even on 1080p
Some speed tests

1.It's FTTH and affordable. Anyday better than BSNL.
2.No downtimes even during heavy rains or power cut.
3.You get the promised speeds and it's symmetrical.

1.The 15 and 25mbps plans looks stupid and i don't think anyone would go for it. Need more fup in that one.
2.Post FUP speeds :envy: If you live in Bangalore then you won't face it as it's FUP free there.

Other than that it's absolutely terrific. I just loved it and it was a very good upgrade for me.
Pings are pretty decent but to some places it's horrible so i don't think it'd be great for gamers but it doesn't concern me as i don't game.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding this isp and i'd be glad to help you.
This is my first post here although i had joined this forum last year.


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Good & detailed review....:thumbsup:
Its good that DL & UL speed are same @10Mbps....So real speed is also same....
cable broadband is always good value for money...