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My experience with Tikona

I have used a lot of ISPs for the past two years, starting with a local cable internet provider and a bunch of other ISPs.

I recently migrated from another big brand to Tikona after a friend recommended them. Tikona claims to provide a hassle free service and they certainly have managed to deliver on this aim in the few months I have been a customer.

Technical support staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You basically get what you pay for here. A first class service, supported by first-class people. Its not even that much more expensive than the competition.

If you occasionally browse the web and send the odd email, you probably wont get your moneys worth here. If you use the internet continually, and require it for work or downloads then I cant recommend Tikona highly enough.
Seems to be unbiased review. For for limited usage I would suggest local cable connection a better choice.


Frequent Flyer
I am using Tikona for more than 3 yrs. My experience with the Tikona is very good. They have put antenna on my society terrace that's why I am getting good reception. but that was not the case with my friend. So while going for this, please check how far you are from the antenna. Make sure to take demo before going for it.
Good. Atleast you are satisfied with the Tikona.


Core Member
But there service is only available in big cities.:(
NOt so adorable. so don't feel disheartened.


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In my area coz of monopoly Tikona is not available :(
But i have seen Tikona ads everywhere in your locality.


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But i have seen Tikona ads everywhere in your locality.
No bro I have asked them for the same they are saying its not available