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Review My @TRAI Pack

D Major

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Today I am revealing my current pack which I have migrated on yesterday. Initially dishtv gave lots of pain after not able to migrate the pack on time, they took 2 weeks for the same. In between that they changed the satellite to ST2 ( d2h TPs ) in my absence since I had South Plan before and dishtv changing the Satellites to all South Viewers. So dishtv took the advantage on my unaware Parents and gave me the monetary loss, I reverted back to dishtv Satellite after an week of hassle.

So initially I took Broadcasters pack with ZEE FAMILY PACK BANGLA, STAR VALUE PACK, HAPPY INDIA BANGLA PACK, STAR BANGLA Channels in Ala Carte, Disney Entertainment Pack, Discovery HD Pack which made my pack hell costly without important HD channels due to NCF was charged separately.

Then after few days I moved to dishtv's Combo pack & ditched the broadcasters pack. I took Swagat Bangla HD Pack which were costing Rs. 234 and then HD Movie channels in ala carte like & Pictures HD, Max HD, MTV Beats HD, NGC Music and Recording Feature which were costing me Rs. 369 PM the amount is without any Sports channel which was ridiculous.

Now as dishtv starting an marketing gimmick of waving off NCF if Consumer picks pay channels but point to be remember that NCF is included in every dishtv Combo or opting to Ala Carte or Broadcasters Bouquet except Bharat Pack.

So yesterday I moved to Bharat Pack which waives off the NCF if pay channels are selected, this pack also includes recently removed DD Free Dish channels like Colors Rishtey, Colors Cineplex, ZEE Anmol, ZEE Anmol Cinema, Sony Wah, Sony Pal, Star Utsav, Star Utsav Movies for free which is not a part of BST North and BST South available with dishtv Combo or clubbed with Ala Carte and Broadcasters Bouquet.

So my picks are now like this with price including Tax - & Pictures HD ( 22.42 ), Cineplex HD ( 5.9 ), Colors Bangla HD ( 16.52 ), Jalsha Movies HD ( 22.42 ), Jalsha Movies ( 7.08 ), Max HD ( 20.06 ), Star Gold Select HD ( 11.8 ), Star Jalsha HD ( 22.42 ), Star Sports 1 HD ( 22.42 ), ZEE Bangla HD ( 22.42 ), Max ( 1.18 ), Movies Ok ( 1.18 ), Tez ( 0.3 ), UTV Action ( 2.36 ), UTV Movies ( 2.36 ), Zee Action ( 1.18 ), Zee Bangla Cinema ( 2.36 ), Zee Bollywood ( 2.36 ), Zee MP CG ( 0.12 ), ZEE RJ ( 0.12 ), Recording ( 30 ). My pack values now Rs. 366.4 and saving Rs. 3 compare to earlier making choice :p Now Star Sports included due to IPL and World Cup and ditched MTV Beats HD, rest of NGC HD channels are going to shut soon.

My Findings:-

So if you pick any Individual Channel or Broadcasters Bouquet, BST Noth or BST South will be clubbed and will be charged as NCF.

If you pick dishtv Combo pack respective of BST North and BST South then you can't select any Broadcasters Bouquet.

Expecting questions regarding dishtv's packaging and also waiting for you guys to share your TRAI packs and monthly cost.


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Oh. its a nice review.

Due to my growing age, i am still unable to understand which pack to subscribe. Hence took FTA pack and 2-3 paid channels.

will share exact details soon