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NCF charges optional on Multi-room Connection


TRAI has once again clarified that Network Capacity Fee (NCF) is not mandatory for multiroom connection and DPO can waive the charges. Offer or discount may be uniform in the target market area and duly declared by the DPO.

It has also once again clarified that regulations provides a capping of Rs 130 as Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for initial 100 SD channels and Rs 20 for the slab of next 25 channels.

Consumers has complete freedom to choose their desired 100 Standard Definition (SD) channels within the network capacity fee of maximum Rs 130. The desired channels could be a-la-carte Free to Air channels or pay channels or bouquet of pay channels or any combination thereof.

NCF charges optional for Multi-room DTH and Cable Connection | Indian Mascot (IM)

Amit Madan

Frequent Flyer
Tata Sky is changing RS 153 for multiple connection as well

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may be because everyone else is charging or may be because its The Tata Sky


Core Member
I hate ncf wala rule

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EntMnt Staff
Ultimately only top channels will be able to survive now..