Breaking News Netflix announces 16 New Original anime series.


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NETFLIX Announced 16 New Original Series including Both Brand New & Update Seasons of existing original Anime series for 2021!

Below is the list of New upcoming anime that are coming on Netflix as officially announced during the Netflix Anime Festival 2020 Live Event.

1. Godzilla singular point
2. Transformers war for Cybertron : Earthrise
3. The way of Househusband
4. Vampire in the garden
5. High-rise Invasion
6. Residential Evil : Infinite Darkness
7. Pacific Rim : The Black
8. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
9. Trese
10. B: The Beginning Succession ( S2 )
11. Eden
12. Yasuke
13. Thermae Romae Novae
14. Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure
15. Spriggan
16. BAKI ( New Season )



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Lots of video games getting Netflix original anime series.


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Original Anime series of Netflix. Tats great for the viewer.