RCom Notice for Prepaid Refund


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This is with reference to closure of 2GI GSM, CDMA, and mobile voice services. As per TRAI direction, you can claim a refund of your unspent prepaid balance electronically to your bank account by submitting the information as mentioned below:

Subscriber’s name
Subscriber’s postal address
Subscriber’s mobile number (the number against which the refund sought from Mls RCL/RTL)
Subscriber’s alternate mobile number for communication
Subscriber’s email address
Bank account number
IFS Code, Bank name and Branch
Copy of Proof of Identity (Pol) (to be attached) Id name with number
Copy of Proof of Address (PoA) ( to be attached) Id name with number
The above information can be submitted to us through any of the modes mentioned below and you will be provided acknowledgment for future reference:

Through our website/portal: http://myservices.relianceada.com
Through email address: prepaidrefund@relianceada.com

Notice for Prepaid Refund - Reliance Communications