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HELP Planning to buy a hatchback

Aviral Sangal

EntMnt Ambassador
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Guys I am planning to buy a petrol hatchback.
Budget 5-6L
Must have features : - ABS, EBD, alteast 2 Airbags, Music system with bluetooth connectivity for calls, rear wiper and defogger

I have test drived Tata Tiago Petrol XZ and Maruti Celario ZXI (o)
Tiago is more powerfull since the engine is bigger but the noise and vibration level in cabin are high. Tiago is more sturdy and celario feels like very light.
Tiago felt softer to drive and much more feature loaded.

I have Nano which will go for around 35K in exchange.

So please suggest if you have any other car in mind or pros and cons of the above cars