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Under the new recommendations announced on Thursday night, unions shall stay cancelled until May 31. 'Band, baja,' baraat' and DJ providers will stay suspended until the stated date except for courtroom unions and weddings in the house with 11 guests just.

Marriage homes and marriage places will stay shut and their owners might need to return the money deposited in progress for the exact same.

MNREGS projects will remain frozen. All spiritual places shall stay shut also. Travelling inside the country will stay suspended at the lockdown period. Those coming from different nations will need to publish RT-PCR report not mature than 72 hours of the journey.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot declared the lockdown whilst chairing a cabinet meeting through video conferencing and also expressing worry about Covid distributing to rural locations along with infecting youths.

On Thursday, a number of 17,532 new instances and 160 deaths have been reported throughout the state.


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Finally Rajasthan is shutdown now after leading to 3rd for a week.

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