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Redmi Note 7 Pro


EntMnt Staff
Flash sale starts on 13th March via Flipkart and mi.com


Aviral Sangal

EntMnt Ambassador
Finest Member
48MP camera is available when you click pics in pro mode.


Satellite Savvy
Finest Member

  1. Dual VoLTE Support
  2. 4000+ mAh Battery (Expects Battery Backup For 1 Full Day With Data Always On)
  3. Must Launched With Android 8.1 Or Higher (Stock Android First Choice)
  4. Camera Clarity Must Be Awesome
  5. Airtel & Vodafone VoLTE Support Must
  6. Chipset Must Be Snapdragon 675 Or Higher!

Aviral Sangal

EntMnt Ambassador
Finest Member
This phone is launched with Android Pie and will always remain on Pie.
This phone is cheating with the marketing of 48MP.
Rest all features will be available on every other phone in this range. And they will get updates too. This phone will serve you ads at every instance. They will push bloatware down your throat, you like it or not.