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Important Revised Relocation process and charges on Tata Sky


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Relocation process for relocating to same / to a different location:

a. Within same premises:
If the subscriber wishes to move the set top box within the same house, call us or drop an email or raise a request on mytatasky.com​

b. To a Different Location:
1. Only Deinstall Request
Once the subscriber has requested, the technician will deinstall Tata Sky and handover the material to the subscriber. The subscriber will have to call the contact center again to create the relocation request (for re-installation) Subscriber can use this option if there is a considerable gap between deinstallation and re-installation.
2. Deinstallation with installation at new location
Once the subscriber has requested, The technician will deinstall Tata Sky and handover material to the subscriber and re-installation request will be automatically created, subscriber doesn’t need to contact Tata Sky again for raising a reinstallation request.

Disclaimer: Subscriber has to carry all the materials.

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