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Important Revised Temporary suspension of service on Tata Sky


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Temporary Suspension Facility:
Tata Sky Limited (‘Tata Sky’) allows its Subscriber to make a request to the Tata Sky to suspend all the Service availed by the Subscriber from Tata Sky for a temporary period.​

Only Subscribers who have an Active Account Status with Tata Sky can opt for the Temporary Suspension Facility.
Opt In:
Subscriber is free to make multiple requests through the year to temporary suspend their Tata Sky Service. Subscriber can request for Temporary Suspension Facility for a minimum period of 5 days under each request.​

How can a Subscriber Opt In:
Following are the two methods through which a Subscriber can opt for the Temporary Suspension Facility:
a) By Calling the Helpline Number from their Registered Mobile Number or Registered Telephone Number; or
b) By Visiting an authorized dealer of Tata Sky.​

Information Sought to Activate the Facility:
Subscriber must specify the start date while placing the request to avail the Temporary Suspension Facility. In addition to the above information, Tata Sky may seek other information to verify the eligibility of the Subscriber, such as the name, the Registered Mobile Number, the subscriber registration number. Hence, Subscriber must keep all the necessary information ready to share while opting for the Temporary Suspension Facility. Tata Sky reserves the right to reject or deny the request for a temporary suspension of Services.
Activation of the Facility:
A request for temporary suspension of service must be made by the Subscriber at least fifteen (15) days prior to the proposed start date of the Temporary Suspension. Tata Sky shall temporarily suspend the Tata Sky Service from the start date upon receiving all the information from the Subscriber. Once the Subscriber opt for the Temporary Suspension Facility, Tata Sky reserves the right not to send any information or notification to the Subscriber until the Services are restored.
Restoration of the Suspended Services:
If the Subscriber wishes to activate the Service even before the end date specified by the Subscriber at the time of opting for the Temporary Suspension of Service Facility, then Tata Sky may restore the service at such an earlier date provided such request is made at least seventy-two hours prior to schedule date or such other period mentioned under the Applicable Law.
Restoration Charges:
Tata Sky may charge Restoration Fee to the Subscriber in accordance with the Applicable Law.​

Tata Sky reserves the right to deactivate the Subscriber if the Tata Sky Service stands suspended at the request of the Subscriber for a continuously period exceeding three (3) months.​