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RI Networks announces broadband services 'timbl'


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RI networks Pvt. Ltd. today announced the launch of its broadband services in Delhi/ NCR market under the brand name timbl. RI Networks holds a national category 'A' ISP license for internet services. The company will initially focus on providing broadband services (10 Mbps and higher speeds) for Homes, Small Offices and Small Enterprise customers, and also offers Internet Leased Lines and Datacentre Services for Enterprise Customers. In the first phase, the services are being offered in Delhi/ NCR market and will gradually be offered in the rest of India, starting with key towns in the northern states. The company is looking at investing over Rs 15 crore in network deployment and brand building in FY 2016-17. The broadband services are affordably priced from Rs 550/ month onwards for a 10 Mbps connection.

timbl offers super high speed broadband, at speeds starting with 10 Mbps, with best in class services over Fibre to the Neighbourhood (FTTN) networks, with the last mile linkage over co-axial cable or fibre.

Key features of its broadband services are:

• High Speeds: starting with 10 Mbps
• Symmetrical Speeds: download and upload speed is same – a rare feature that only few can offer. Conventional Telecom Operators and MSOs can't offer this feature on their broadband services
• Flexible Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) Price Plans: Timbl enables customers to create their own Price Plan, wherein they can pick the speed they prefer, and the Data Limit that suits their usage through a convenient D-I-Y tool.
• Flat Fee Plans: All plans are flat fee plans with no over-usage charges.
• Auto-Optimal Data Limits: This unique feature lets customers pay for the Data Limit closest to actual usage. Value equivalent to the unused data limit is refunded to customers.
• Free Router: For most areas, free router is provided with the service against a fully refundable security deposit.

Announcing the new investment, Kapil Dev Kumar, Founder and Managing Director, timbl who has also earlier successfully set up and managed Nextra Teleservices (an ISP), and Smart Digivision (IPTV services) in the same domain said, “Users today are frustrated by limited choices, high prices and poor support when they buy Internet service. We are committed to each and every area we service by employing local people, routing our calls to local people, and offering a friendly personal touch. We are also committed to keep prices affordable and being transparent with customers about problems and issues.” He further added, “Currently timbl is available in Delhi/ NCR market, but we are planning offer our services in other adjoining states like Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh progressively.”

In addition to baseline internet connectivity services (Broadband and Internet Leased Line), timbl also offers, in conjunction with a Data Centre Partner, a range of hosting, networking and application services that empower small & large enterprises to derive better operating efficiencies – more secure, better uptimes, lesser operating efforts, and reduced total cost of ownership – for their network and application assets. The Offerings include:

• Data centre Collocation
• Hosted IT Infrastructure: Dedicated Private Servers, Managed Firewall, Load Balancing, Backup And Storage
• Cloud services: Virtual Private Servers, Email Solutions (Exchange, Linux email)
• Disaster Recovery (DR) Services
• Managed Services: 24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring, Management of OS/ DB/ Network & App
• Managed Network Security Services
• Campus Wi-Fi with Managed Authentication and Billing
• Surveillance Solutions

Indian Television Dot Com | RI Networks announces broadband services 'timbl'

Aviral Sangal

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They are doing so much marketing but writing Delhi /NCR won't do. I tried about 10 pin codes for the availability across Delhi /NCR and none had availability.