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Tata Wireline Services Scrapped Docomo now with Triple Play


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Hello Friends,
After enough of struggle & heartburn with Reliance Data Card & Airtel 3 G i finally opted for a wired Broad Band Service.
I explored various available option from Tikona, Airtel etc & then narrowed down to Tata Docomo who has recently launched fiber optic Broadband in our society promising to offer up to 100 MBPS of speed.
I took a plan which i think would be good for me it's a INR 799/- plan with 5 MBPS of Speed & 10 GB of data......
There is no installation charges & router we can purchase it through any vendor .... thought it was a good option for me.
Attached other tariff plan which is available in my area

I hope it would be a good service ... expected to connect by weekend cheers :satellite:
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Very good BB plan by Tata DoCoMo....:thumbsup:
Only thing is 10 Gb is limit & after that only 512 Kbps speed...So it would be very slow......
Upload speed is 1 Mbps, so overall speed may vary
I think private ops cap after-FUP data speed to 512 Kbps.

I found out that my upload is about 1/3rd of total data. So effective speed may be less as I am using 2Mbps connection.


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10 Gb should be sufficient for me as 5 days i am in office in most of the time, evening browsing + weekend entertainment + etc
I have 2 Reliance dongle from office with unlimited download + 2 gb of airtel 3 g data so should be sufficient .....
I am waiting for Netgear Router delivery which i ordered from Flipkart once delivered they will install the connection ... there is 0 processing charges no deposit & 0 installation charges

Netgear WNR614 - Netgear : Flipkart.com


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Ok Guys finally i got my Internet connected today... I had signed the application on Tuesday & had ordered the Netgear Router via flipkart which got delivered on Thursday..... Same day i informed Tata they released the work order for Friday....wiring was done on Friday unfortunately they could not configure the connection yesterday today i got the connection configured ....

MY Router Amazing coverage ....

Blazing speed ... speed is consistent...... uninterrupted...As per my plan i am supposed to get 5 MBPS of speed for 10 GB the speed test however clocking speed of up to 8 to 12 MBPS .. average speed which i am getting is around 7.5 .... Connected 2 Mobile Phone , 2 Laptop & 1 I Pad .... all working well.... Now work from home becomes more easier earlier had to reach office for untimely international conference call now with Cisco Jabber & IP phone working full swing it makes my life much easier

I guess i deserve a Beer today !!!




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Finally the much awaited review is here. Its so good that you are getting more speed than committed. :up:

Enjoy the :verydrunk:


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ya just realized that highly ethical company Tata have blocked torrentz search .....thus you cannot directly download pirated content using docomo however once you have searched the file which you want to download using airtel or reliance via torrentz search and placed it on torrentz downloader ... then i can use TATA broadband to download that file ... that the limitation i found else everything thing is fine