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Sony PlayStation 5 Launch


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Sony has confirmed that its next generation gaming console will be named PlayStation 5, and will be launching in time for holiday season, 2020. The new console will feature several changes and upgrades, the most important among them being the use of SSD based storage, new GPU with ray tracing and 8K graphics support, a new controller design with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, 3D audio rendering, and an improved user interface. All of this, however, seems to be coming at a cost, since previous rumours have tipped the PlayStation 5 to be considerably more expensive than its predecessors.
According to Sony, the controller on the PlayStation 5 will be replacing the current rumble technology for a new, haptic feedback technology that can offer a broader range of feedback. The second major change to the controller, which has remained in similar format and style since forever, are 'adaptive triggers', which will replace the static R2/L2 triggers on the DualShock 4 for responsive ones that change feedback depending on the in-game moment. These will contribute further to the immersive experience that Sony hopes will keep more users on its platform. Developers will be able to custom-programme trigger resistance to create better in-hand feel, be it in the HMGs of Gears or slick steering wheels of Grid. The design change will also see Sony replacing the standard microUSB with a USB-C, along with bigger batteries for longer playback.

Other specifications of the Sony PlayStation 5, which have been touted so far, include a custom CPU based on the AMD Ryzen Gen 3 7nm processor, AMD Radeon Navi-based custom GPU with ray tracing and 8K graphics computing, an SSD that replaces the HDD, retained optical drive, 3D spatial audio engine for an enhanced experience, and backward compatibility with the Sony PlayStation 4. This would be great news for users of Sony's PlayStation ecosystem, who would be able to run their existing collection of games on the new console as well, and not be required to discard the existing collection.

Sony PlayStation 5 Launch in Holiday Season 2020, Name Officially Confirmed Too