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Sony Xperia Sony WS623 sports Walkman launched in India, starts at Rs 8,990


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Sony WS623 sports Walkman has been introduced in India, and will be priced at Rs 8,990. The WS623 sports Walkman comes with water and dust resistance (IP65/68) for outdoor conditions and sporting activities. The Walkman sports a slim, light design and has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity as well.

The Walkman is swimproof and salt waterproof. A user can swim with the Walkman up to a depth of 2 metres for a total of 30 minutes submerged time. The Walkman is also dustproof, and ideal for runs on the beach, says the company. Sony’s new Walkman sports standard earbuds, which are waterproof and covered with a thin film to prevent water damage to the device. Users can also optimise sound levels for underwater listening on the new Walkman. Sony says the Walkman can withstand temperatures from -5°C to 45°C.

Sony’s Walkman features an ergonomic, slim and light design and weighs only 32gms. The new Walkman also comes with an Ambient Sound Mode, and in this mode users can rely on the in-built microphones to pick up external sounds in the surrounding environment. The WS623 sports Walkman also comes with Bluetooth Wireless support, and users have the option of streaming music from their smartphones. There’s also NFC on board for one-touch pairing.

WS623 Walkman comes with up to 4GB storage space on board for storing music on board. On the battery front, Sony is claiming that just a three minute quick charge will allow for 60 minutes playback on the device. Overall, Sony is promising 12 hour battery life with the WS623. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to take calls from their smartphone. Sony’s WS623 sports Walkman will go on sale in India from June 15, 2017, at a price of Rs 8,990.

Sony WS623 sports Walkman launched in India, starts at Rs 8,990 | The Indian Express