Telugu South star Raai Laxmi announces engagement, but there's a twist


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While this could appear as a shock to many readers, even because it didn't Raai's social-media fans that thought she had been speaking about a specific individual in her own life in her Twitter article, the celebrity as an alternative put a crucial social message within a clever yet twisted manner about washing hands and using sanitizers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Twitter, Raai shared with a note that read,"Alright since many people were asking me questions by a very long time, and so I chose to deal with this situation. To start with I am not advocating my own relationship that I really don't think that it's anybody's business also I want some solitude and also to defend the well being of my partner. Yes we now have delivered invitations to good friends a week we're becoming engaged on April 27, 2021. It occurred suddenly however my family Is Actually happy about it I Am and can not wait to be together with all the love of my entire life I stole this article from someone Simply to remind one that scrub your hands correctly and utilize sanitizer when needed

Well, so what do we say except that which exactly a creative solution to educate people how essential it's to scrub hands and sanitize throughout the ordeal!

Meanwhile, at the job front, Raai was seen in'Poison two' which published in 2020.

Directed from P.V.S Guruprasad, It's produced by Rajeshkumar and Kamal Bohra below the banner Bhavani Entertainment.