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Breaking News Star Pravah is going to introduce their new logo

Cute Riju

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Star India's only Marathi GEC, Star Pravah is going to unveil their new red colour logo (as like old Star Plus logo) very soon.
New logo of Star Pravah


Cute Riju

EntMnt Contributor
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Nice sharing bro

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It is just a simple news for me. I have lot of excellent news like, Big Ganga will be rebranded as Zee Ganga on 4th March, Star's upcoming lot of new channels, Zee's upcoming 3 movie channels and so on.
Once, this forum was so active, all new updates were available here. But, after my quitting from here, forum becomes so lazy, no exclusive news are available. And all thanks to only one member!!!


EntMnt Staff
Star will keeps on revamping their undone cahnnels.