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WWE RAW News and Updates #WWE #RAW


This thread is dedicated to all WWE RAW News and Updates :
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WWE Raw Results : 18 August 2014

WWE Raw Results for the week :

Big Show and Mark Henry DEF Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Natalya DEF Paige

The Miz DEF Dolph Ziggler via countout

Cesaro DEF Jack Swagger

Rob Van Dam, Sheamus and Roman Reigns DEF Rybaxel and Randy Orton

Stardust and Goldust DEF The Usos

Seth Rollins DEF Dean Ambrose


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No news of bella twins
There must be some news of the. But no fight. Didn't catches the entire sequence and let It watch on Thursday.


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What about dean ambrose always defeated.
Read that Kane and Seth beat the hell out of Ambrose on this raw.


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Why is that WWE fans started to hate Cena off late....is there any reason to this?


EntMnt Legend
I guess now he & Randy are the only old potential superstars who are WWE championship material....
It looks like a different story goes around what we see actually or else they are given lollypop to scream against Cena :p


EntMnt Staff
No news of bella twins
Nikki Bella turns on heel, slapped and broke Brie.