1. IndianMascot

    Facebook removes Trump's post saying COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu

    Facebook on Tuesday removed a post from US President Donald Trump in which he claimed that the coronavirus is less deadly than the seasonal flu. Trump wrote on Facebook and Twitter that America had "learned to live with" the upcoming flu season. Twitter has added a warning label to the US...
  2. IndianMascot

    Facebook removes ‘edited’ tag from posts

    It often happens that once you post anything on Facebook, you spot a minor grammatical mistake (or any other error, for that matter) or figure out a better way of phrasing it. But you have to think twice before fixing the post because if you do, it will show up with an 'edited' tag. For those...
  3. console

    Android Supreme Court seeks a response from centre, Trai and Facebook over data safety

    Last week, a Guardian report stated that WhatsApp had a backdoor which could let third-parties snoop in on private conversations. WhatsApp later clarified, “WhatsApp does not give governments a “backdoor” into its systems and would fight any government request to create a backdoor.” But this is...