1. S

    sd channel quality

    how is the picture quality of SD channels in TATA SKY network?
  2. Vipin

    Update TataSky still Provides HD set Top Box for BigTV SD box exchange

    Hi, This is to inform that, yesterday (7 November 2017) I successfully migrated to TataSky HD from Reliance Big TV SD connection. My location is Kerala and initially, the TataSky CC told he cant provide HD set-top box for me since I'm BigTV SD customer.Then I approved it and they created a work...
  3. S

    Controlling Tata Sky HD Plus Box with Sony IR Blaster

    Hi noob to this forum. I need some help controlling my Tata Sky HD Plus (i.e. HD + DVR) box through my Sony 43W 800D TV using the IR blaster. Using the IR blaster, I am able to perform the basic functions like viewing the channel list, pause live TV, etc. However, I am not able to * Record a...