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    HELP Videocon recharge sri lanka

    Can i recharge videocon d2h via paypal or any other payment gateways with same exchange rate?.. I'm from sri lanka and using international debit card issued by sri lankan bank, so i can't recharge my account through videocon gateway. Can anyone help how can i recharge my account?
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    Today due to signal problem i adjusted my lnb more than 30 times with my stb on.... will this affect my stb or create any issues to my stb like red light blinking or stb hardware issues??
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    HELP Is 50% quality enough for good picture?

    I'm using videocon d2h hd. in satellite management the quality bar shows 50% in white colour. Signal strength is 90-100% in green colour. Is this good for sd and hd channels?
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    Discussion My signal strength is green and quality is white

    I'm using videocon d2h hd.My signal strength is 90-100% and it shows in green.But my quality bar is always 50% and is white. Is this good for sd & hd channels?
  5. A

    Discussion Why videocon d2h not adding new hd channels?

    Why videocon d2h not adding new channel to their platform?? There are so many HD channels to be added... Is there any particular reason to this?
  6. A

    HELP Red light blinking on videocon d2h stb??

    When i on the stb the red light keeps blinking and it won't turn to blue. Why is this issue?? and how can i resolve this issue?? PS:- three days ago i had a channel mismatching problem.and i resolved it by adjusting the lnb. Is this the reason that my stb is not working?
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    HELP Does wrong aligned lnb lead to stb problem?

    PLEASE HELP!! I'm new to the forum. I just want to know if any problem in antenna or lnb cause my videocon hd stb to any problem?? Please reply!!!
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    HELP Channel are mismatch in videocon d2h!!

    Some channels are mismatching on my videocon d2h since last 2 days.What is the solution for this issue?
  9. prashanthshan

    Star plus and other hindi serials contains english subtitles in videocon?

    Dear Frieds, Please let me know if there is a way that Star plus and other hindi serials contains english subtitles in videocon d2h? Some people dont understand hindi, so they are requesting English subtitles in star plus and other hindi channels. Please let me know. Thank you