1. IndianMascot

    EntMnt Xclusive Voot launching 1200+ Hrs of Telugu Movies and Shows on 23rd September

    Voot has geared up to launch 1200+ hours of Telugu content which includes both shows as well as movies. These new movies and shows will be available from 23rd September onwards
  2. adithya

    EntMnt Xclusive Does The Sex Matter?

  3. adithya

    EntMnt Xclusive The Painted Plate Now Streaming On Voot

    The Painted Plate Now Streaming On Voot
  4. adithya

    EntMnt Xclusive News 18 Channels Added By Voot

    News 18 Channels Added By Voot
  5. IndianMascot

    Amazon Prime, Netflix will not impact cable TV biz: Edelweiss

    Consumer spending on videos will increase but new Over the Top (OTT) providers such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar and others will not impact the TV market, says a latest report by Edelweiss Capital. Cable TV and DTH operators will see negligible impact due to the low monthly...