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    Videocon d2h complete channel list as on 15th Feb'19 (Alphabetically)

    Videocon d2h complete channel list as on 15th Feb'19 (Alphabetically) 1. &flix 2. &flix HD 3. &pictures 4. &pictures HD 5. &tv 6. &tv HD 7. 10 TV 8. 24 GHANTA 9. 7s Music 10. 9X JALWA 11. 9X JHAKAAS 12. 9X TASHAN 13. 9XM 14...
  2. K

    New Look for d2h mobile site

    d2h has improved the website look on mobile and now made it accessible. They have added one page before the actual selection page of channel selection. d2h Website starts from below page.
  3. IndianMascot


    To activate A-La-Carte channels online, follow the below steps- ● Login to your d2h account via “My Account” section ● Go to “Consumer Corner” option in the drop down menu. ● On expansion of the dropdown option, Select “Create your own pack” ● The below screen will appear- ● Select the...
  4. IndianMascot

    Update d2h reduced NCF charges for Multiroom connection following TRAI circular

    Following the circular from TRAI which clarifies that DPO can waive the NCF charges on Multiroom connection, d2h has reduced their NCF charges and they will now charge Flat Rs 50 as Network Capacity Fee for 2nd, 3rd and 4th connection. Subscriber will have the option to take any channel /...
  5. IndianMascot

    EntMnt Xclusive d2h launches a range of SD and HD add-ons as low as Rs 7

    d2h has launched a huge range of SD and HD addons. Lowest addon is priced Rs 7 having 4 gujarati language channels and highest priced rs 208 which contains all English SD and HD channels
  6. IndianMascot

    Choose Your Own Plan only on d2h now

  7. IndianMascot

    Email IDs of Service Providers- Distributors (DTH operators, Major MSO's)

    DTH Operators: 1. Airtel: digitaltv@airtel.com 2. Dish TV: Information Required in mail for Dish customers: VC Number dishnto@dishd2h.com Information Required in mail for D2h customers: Customer ID d2hnto@dishd2h.com 3. Independent TV: packs@independenttv.in 4. Sun Direct...
  8. IndianMascot

    Update My d2h subscription as per TRAI New Tariff Plan

    My Validity was Sep'19 with Popular Pack. Now my validity is showing Dec'21. so, by this calculation d2h is charging around Rs 50 only for my selected channels.
  9. IndianMascot

    d2h website Down since 5 days. Are they exiting DTH business?

    It seems that d2h website has been crashed after migration to new Trai packs.
  10. Kettvan

    Thirai Ulagam added on D2H

    Thirai Ulagam Tamil movie channel added on 601
  11. A

    Poll Which d2h package are you using?

    Please select/vote for the package you are using. Thank you.:);)
  12. A


    i use videocon d2h. Today i installed new lnb. After that the channels were working finely... But sometimes some channels are mismatching..when i adjust the lnb it gets solved.. it keeps coming.. What can i do now??
  13. A

    HELP Is 50% quality enough for good picture?

    I'm using videocon d2h hd. in satellite management the quality bar shows 50% in white colour. Signal strength is 90-100% in green colour. Is this good for sd and hd channels?
  14. A

    Discussion My signal strength is green and quality is white

    I'm using videocon d2h hd.My signal strength is 90-100% and it shows in green.But my quality bar is always 50% and is white. Is this good for sd & hd channels?
  15. A

    Discussion Why videocon d2h not adding new hd channels?

    Why videocon d2h not adding new channel to their platform?? There are so many HD channels to be added... Is there any particular reason to this?
  16. A

    HELP Red light blinking on videocon d2h stb??

    When i on the stb the red light keeps blinking and it won't turn to blue. Why is this issue?? and how can i resolve this issue?? PS:- three days ago i had a channel mismatching problem.and i resolved it by adjusting the lnb. Is this the reason that my stb is not working?
  17. A

    HELP Does wrong aligned lnb lead to stb problem?

    PLEASE HELP!! I'm new to the forum. I just want to know if any problem in antenna or lnb cause my videocon hd stb to any problem?? Please reply!!!
  18. A

    HELP Channel are mismatch in videocon d2h!!

    Some channels are mismatching on my videocon d2h since last 2 days.What is the solution for this issue?
  19. Pingu

    Update 2244-RF STB got a S/W Update Today. New Loader.

    This morning STB received a (small) update. But I believe it's a new loader. Signature date on the update says Aug 2016, but I got it just now. Does this mean I am late to the party? No significant changes seen, except there is an option to choose your Home Channel Language.
  20. Pingu

    Breaking News 9XO is moving to d2h Active from Feb 5

    D2H is currently running a ticker on 9XO (LCN540) alerting subscribers that the channel will be moving to its active services. No updates elsewhere yet. No official reasons stated. Attached screenshot for your reference.