1. Prachetas

    EntMnt Xclusive Google Discloses Android Zero Day Vulnerability on Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Phones

    Google has discovered a security flaw in its Android OS' kernel code that is not only affecting its Pixel phones, but also phones from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. A similar Android OS flaw was fixed in 2017, but it has now cropped up on newer software versions as well. This...
  2. IndianMascot

    Google Introduces YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India

    Google has launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India. The two new services now be part of Google Play Music and Google Play Movies, which launched back in 2017. The ad-supported model of YouTube Music shall be free of cost, however, you may go for YouTube Music Premium is priced at Rs...
  3. adithya

    EntMnt Xclusive Google+ shutting down after users' data is exposed

    Google is shutting down much of its social network, Google+, after user data was left exposed. It said a bug in its software meant information that people believed was private had been accessible by third parties. Google said up to 500,000 users had been affected. According to a report in the...
  4. adithya

    EntMnt Xclusive Tez is now Google Pay

    Tez is now Google Pay
  5. console

    News Google Employee Sues Company For Draconian Confidentiality Policies, Internal ‘Spying Program’ Read

    Google finds itself at the receiving end of a lawsuit, a not uncommon thing for the sultan of search, only this one is comes from within. One of the company's product managers is suing the firm over allegations of illegal confidentiality agreements and employee policies that run afoul of...
  6. IndianMascot

    Android Netbanking option now available in Google Play Store

    You can now pay for your favorite Google Play content in India with netbanking.
  7. Pingu

    News Google Daydream View - Welcome to the Future

    When you are living in a reality, the facts just seem too unrealistic *cough* Trump *cough* you need a new private space, perhaps another reality that you can escape into. And the timing doesn't seem bad for the people of America who just finished electing their new and shiny president...