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April 1 is named FOOL'S DAY, after Steve April. He was born on 1st April 1579. He did 105 businesses in his lifetime. He lost all his father's assets, and so everyone started calling him father of the fools.
At 19, he married a 61-year-old woman who divorced him after a year because of his foolishness. He used to read all kinds of fake stories like you are doing now.
It's great idea fooling you ...
Happy April Fool day!


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She was a victim of child marriage. Married at the age of 14.

She was married to the police constable. At 18, she had two children.

One day she saw her husband saluting the higher officers. This made her curious.

She asked her husband about them. He said they were IG and DG, the higher rank officers who cleared UPSC at their young age.

She imagined herself to be an IPS officer. She told her husband that she wanted to become one.

Her husband, not like others who consider their wife as a mere slave, was ready to support her. He asked her to clear matriculation, intermediate and degree exams.

She cleared all those said exams and went to Chennai for UPSC coaching. Her husband made all the required arrangements and promised her that he'll take care of the children. He asked her to study well and not to worry about them.

She failed in her first 3 attempts but didn't give up. Her husband asked her to return back, she asked him for one more attempt. He agreed.

Finally, she cleared UPSC and got IPS. She is N Ambika, IPS, DCP, North Mumbai.

If Ambika was to merely blame her parents for child marriage and curse her fate, she wouldn’t have become a DCP today. She was lucky enough to have a super supporting husband.

Today Ambika has become a role model for many and there might be many more Ambikas hidden among us. If she can do then anyone can do.