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Sources Claims From Tomorrow Or In Couple Of Days Channels Additions Will Start!


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If so... that is great news....


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I have written a mail to AP nodal officer and got a call from lady name padmini called me and asked about the audio issue and Gemini Musiv HD audio issue.I explained her.later Hyderabad area in charge called me and asked about the issue.I explained and I also told them we have Entertainment Forum and I am admin of that forum.and I told them many persons feeling same about Sun direct audio.
that person visited my house and I have shown him the problem.he called to his boss and explained the problem..
his boss talked with me also and told he is going to Chennai today and he will escalate the two issues one is sun direct audio issue and another one is Gemini music HD audio issue.
after that he said he will call to me and he will update me regards.lets see how Sun direct will react on this.


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That is good news... but still lacking on SD channels...


Guys Some Good News Around Pongal!

Some HD Channels! Around Pongal
No bro they saying after the Pongal.

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