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Multiple Language Tracks or Feeds Available on Videocon d2h.
As of 9th Octo
ber, 2014.

Star Sports 1 (Hindi/English)

Star Sports 2 (Hindi/English)

Star Sports 3 (Hindi/English)

Star Sports 4 (Hindi/English)

Discovey Channel (Hindi/English/Telugu/Bengali)

History TV18 SD (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu/Bengali)

History TV18 HD (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu/Bengali)

National Geographic (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu/Bengali)

Animal Planet (Hindi/English)

Discovery Science (Hindi/English)

Nat Geo Wild (Hindi/English/Tamil)

Fox Life (Hindi/English/Tamil/Bengali)

TLC (Hindi/English)

NDTV Good Times (Hindi/English)

Travel XP HD (Hindi/English)

Cartoon Network (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu)

hungama (Hindi/Tamil/Telugu)

Disney (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu)

Nick (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu)

Pogo (Hindi/English/Tamil)

Disney XD (Hindi/English/Tamil/Telugu)

Zee Q (Hindi/English)

Sonic (Hindi/English/Tamil)

Nick Jr.- Teen Nick (Hindi / English)

Discovery Kids (Hindi/English/Tamil)

SVBC TTD (Telugu/Tamil/Kannada)

Sri Sankara (Kannada/Tamil)

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I will soon convert the 1st post into sheet and update all these. Thanks for the updated data :thumbsup:


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Geekvishal , One correction discovery don't have Tamil feed but it has Bengali feed