Dolby Digital Channels On Various Digital Platforms


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The one which can easily beat all us Dish but because of their own technical issues they are far behind.
there are no technical issues now because Dish TV now giving 5.1 sound for some HD channels but they are not implementing in other HD channels.If you complaint they will reply either they are proving 5.1 sound for all HD channels or they are proving 5.1 sound only what they are getting 5.1 sound from broadcasters. They are big lies in entire DTHs.they are still thinking customers are sheep.


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It will be really interesting to hear their reply on non-availability of Dolby Audio on Dish TV.


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the conclusion is, Every DTH not putting their money in all segment and some have internal settings with Broadcaster which they use against competitors timely n deliberately by putting more money quite often.
I doubt, while pushing every new Single HD on certain dth, Broadcasters-DTH make some deal of Not providing that HD on other dth for certain 'n days' duration.
we can consider recent all HD channels added by Dish.
Also SWP HD 1st made appearance on TS and got delayed on d2h by 7 days.for dish it took more days.


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Don't understand what dishtv trying to do here not growing in technology wise also doing things of their own, I think dishtv don't deserves a rights to do business in HD segment only concentrate on SD segment because they're failing in that too :mad: :beat2: