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When re HD access fess applicable ?? whats the charges ???

In website its stated that if one opts for Platinum HD pack/South Platinum HD Pack then HD Access Fees are not applicable
HD access fee in d2h is applicable to all packs except plaitnum/south platinumHD and the cost is rs.100


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Videocon d2h, a pioneer in bringing the most visually stunning TV experience to consumers, will now provide a plethora of 4K UHD services. It will telecast fresh new content in 4K UHD format spread across genres like movies, cricket, extreme sports, travel destinations, infotainment, nature, lifestyle, fitness, cooking and many more. 4K Ultra HD is 4 times the resolution of Full HD content and takes viewing experience to a whole new level & dimension. 4K Ultra HD displays pictures in resolution of more than 8 million pixels.

Videocon d2h has been revamping its 4K library for nearly a year to deliver a comprehensive collection of 4K entertainment. d2h 4K Life from Videocon d2h can transform your home into a soothing and relaxing oasis, thanks to its unique combination of rich, beautiful, amazing and spell bound pictures with custom soundtracks. The programming is created to delight its viewers every moment of the day. Plunge in the world's most popular travel destinations from your own living room, experience the fascinating life that are hidden underwater, we will make you feel like you are staying in a luxury hotel every night, explore new sporting technologies that allow the world's most extreme people to leave us open mouthed in amazement in 4K, get premium Ultra HD movies exclusively on High 4K, premium Fashion Reality, premium Ultra HD Fights, from Extreme Amateur Fighting to Ultimate Power lifting Championships, music videos and intimate interviews from some of the top names in music today in 4K, High 4K takes you into the kitchen of some of the World's most famous chefs, open the doors to innovation of Automotive Technology in 4K, exciting lessons in 4K from a top fitness trainer.
Experience stunning & comprehensive 4K Ultra HD DTH content from Videocon d2h... -- MUMBAI, India, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --


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We are not even establishing hd how we can expect uhd?? That is the reason I didn't buy uhd tv.