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Snapdeal logo Changed and Website Updated..


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Amazon,Flipkart and Snapdeal only allows good sellers.But Ebay is allowing all kind of sellers that might be worst or good.
I Agree with you bro Ebay will allow all the seller who cheats the buyers i have a reason , 2 months back I have purchased triple sim mobile for my father he is blind man he wants 1 cdma 2 gsm with button system it s not available in any market but ebay it s available till that time I purchased everything in ebay only ones I received the mobile the CDMA slot was not working I contacted the buyers repeated he ignored I complaint the Ebay guarantee they said please visit service center get the problem written in their letter head so we can do further process I visited they said with politely sir this mobile was activated before 2 years only Ebay can do anything we are helpless and we dont have any letterheads (micromax Brand) he given me a white paper with stamp Ebay says they only accept letterhead which is not possible thing both the seller & ebays are cheaters , But in the same Snap Deal will take the return with in 24hrs the amount will be creadited I have a smooth & good experience with SD &flipkart & Amazon on return policy unlike Ebay.